Training School “Plant Physiology meets Phytopathology”

April 3-6 th 2018



The aim is to administer training in several aspects of plant function and physiology, including processes as photosynthetic performance, water status and other biochemical stress related parameters. This Training School bets on a deep physiological analysis to gain a deeper knowledge of Pine pitch canker disease caused by the fungus Fusarium circinatum.

How to participate

Please email a letter of motivation explaining how this training will benefit your research project and scientific career, as well as your CV to Marta Vasconcelos ( by March 12th of 2018. Gender balance and country representativeness will be promoted.


Department of Biology, University of Aveiro. Campus de Santiago, Aveiro 3810-193 (Portugal).


The TS is open to all participants, but priority will be given to researchers with fewer than 8 years of experience (inclusive) from the date they obtained their PhD. It is limited to 20 participants

Support for selected attendees

There is no registration fee for the COST training, and all materials will be provided free of charge. Selected participants will receive individual grants of up to 750€ to cover for travel and lodging expenses.

Scientific Organizers

Gloria PINTO, University of Aveiro
Artur ALVES, University of Aveiro